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B Corporation Actions to End Deforestation: Series #31

April 19, 2022

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentWith April being Earth Month, and April 22nd being Earth Day, we set out to see what other B Corporations are doing to celebrate and recognize their obligation to the Earth and to their own impact on the environment. A comprehensive Earth Day report from AMS Fulfillment is forthcoming, and in the meantime we have chosen to look into one of the main environmental concerns of B Corporations and of AMS Fulfillment – deforestation.

Readers may recall that in December AMS Fulfillment chose the Rainforest Climate Action Fund as recipient of its holiday donation on behalf of our valued clients. Like many other companies and certainly all B Corporations, we know that everyone who lives and breathes should care about and take action to prevent the exploitation and destruction of the lungs of the Earth – the rainforests.

The newsletter points us to certified B Corporations that are dedicating themselves to the protection of rainforests. The following article introduces readers to a B Corp called Wild + Pine. They have developed a project called Forest B. The same article also covers an advocacy movement to support passage of the Fostering Overseas Rule of Law and Environmentally Sound Trade (FOREST) Act. Here’s more info on the FOREST Act.

We hope you will enjoy this interesting information and that the efforts of these B Corps will have a real impact. AMS Fulfillment believes that our future matters, and corporations that take action to prevent negatively impacting the Earth are the successful businesses in a better world. For a B Corp, success is measured not in monetary profit alone, but in the beneficial impact of the business on all who have a stake. When the Earth is a stakeholder in every business, we will see a healed Earth.

Collective Business Climate Action to Support Reforestation

U.S. and Canadian B Corps Tackle Deforestation Through Advocacy and Group Initiatives

“The loss of trees around the world — whether for business use or from wildfires — and their carbon-storage role is a growing contributor to climate change and its escalating impacts. As huge tracts of forests are cleared to make way for farms producing crops and cattle, deforestation is responsible for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Amid growing awareness of the effects of this loss — rising temperature, extreme weather, and other ecological impacts — Certified B Corporations are tapping into the collective nature of the community to help businesses raise awareness of the effects of deforestation and take business climate action to protect forests and other natural areas.”

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