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B Corp Series #40: ‘Shop for Good’ Sunday!

November 20, 2023

B Corp - AMS FulfillmentB Corporations are offering an alternative to Black Friday, and we’re happy to be able to tell readers about it. For the second year in a row, there are B Corp alternatives listed at a website called DoneGood. They list gifts for her, for him, for teen girls and boys, for kids, for moms, dads, teachers and for the hosts of your holiday parties. Also, we find gifts for the active explorer, for the foodie, the earth lover, the mindful, and gifts under $50. Click [HERE] for the gift guides.

According to B the Change, “The Sunday after Thanksgiving—this year November 26—Shop for Good Sunday is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the growing number of socially and environmentally responsible businesses: Companies that pay good wages, invest in communities and use highly eco-friendly production processes.”

AMS is a B Corporation, and we understand the effort and commitment it takes to be one. We must say, it is and has always been a rewarding effort for us – we love being a B Corporation. Rather than focusing on profit above all, the AMS stakeholders are 1) our employees, 2) our community, 3) the environment, 4) our clients and 5) ourselves.

The B the Change article goes on to say, “Together, over 125 companies and major nonprofit organizations that are leading the business-as-a-force-for-good movement—including 1% for the Planet, Oxfam, the Social Enterprise Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, Mashable, Indigenous, MPOWERD, Preserve, Prosperity Candle, Tuckerman & Co, DoneGood and many others—are working together to promote the idea that directing our purchasing power to support mission-driven brands makes a huge difference for people and the planet, especially during the holiday season.”

We have looked through the gifts and they are unique, beautiful and reasonably priced, made by companies with a conscience. Like AMS, these are businesses that hire a diverse workforce, pay their employees fairly and offer good benefits, work to be of service to their communities, do everything they can to be ‘green’ and environmentally conscious, and highly value and respect their clients, which in this case is the customer.

Once again, from B the Change: “We believe the brands participating in Shop for Good Sunday are making higher quality, more unique gifts than what you’d find from a typical big box store anyway. And many of them are also offering special Shop for Good Sunday discounts (so yeah, it’s still a little like Black Friday …).”

Something else to give this shopping an extra plus, is that the companies have promised to donate all the revenue they generate through the Shop for Good Sunday gift shop on Sunday the 26th to an organization called RAINN. This organization, linked [HERE] is recognized as America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. This fact alone is certainly a motivation to buy a unique and quality gift.

We’re happily heading into Thanksgiving week, and Black Friday. We hope you find every gift you want at a fantastic price, and we also hope you’ll check out some of the businesses at Shop for Good (

As consumers, we do vote with our dollars. Shop for Good is an opportunity to get our loved ones a gift they’ll love, while getting all of us the ‘B the Change’ gift of the world we wish to see.