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AMS Participates in Windmills Diversity Training

December 22, 2016

The month of October is designated as “National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month.” During the month, educational and recognition events are encouraged in order to bring awareness to the problems of skills training and discrimination in the workplace affecting individuals with disabilities.

In recognition of these issues, AMS invited the Department of Rehabilitation staff, Ericka Diaz-Monreal and Lorenzo Po, to conduct the highly recommended Windmills training session on the AMS campus. This training took place on October 13th, with a group of nearly 20 AMS employees. The attendees reported how beneficial the training offered by Windmills is, especially for employees in the Lead or Supervisory positions who have direct contact with employees with disabilities.

The Department of Rehabilitation training is basically Diversity and Sensitivity training aimed at educating participants about myths and barriers in hiring persons with disabilities, and it also offers information on legal requirements and accommodations.

The Windmills Diversity Training, which is designed for employers and employees, takes up the task of educating supervisors and co-workers about the limitations that might be imposed on employees with disabilities due to a lack of knowledge or low expectations. The modules include exercises relevant to the everyday world of work, allowing participants to relate the training to the job. By doing this, trainees gain new perspectives on the unique talents and abilities of individuals with disabilities.

One of the most longstanding and successful efforts that AMS has made, has been in hiring individuals with disabilities. Some years ago AMS initiated a program with Pleasantview Industries which has as their mission providing employment opportunities to developmentally disabled adults. This program was very successful and AMS continues to work with the organization to this day.

AMS Fulfillment has a long history of social consciousness and community service in its hiring practices. Over the past few years the Santa Clarita Valley community has seen AMS develop a number of relationships in order to hire from underemployed groups. These groups include at-risk youth, the aging population, veterans, students, and even individuals at risk for homelessness.

The commitment of AMS to hiring individuals with disabilities can be seen in the company’s sponsorship of the Santa Clarita Valley Mayor’s Committee for Employment of Individuals with Disabilities Annual Luncheon where many local businesses, including AMS, are recognized for their demonstrated support. Ken Wiseman, AMS CEO, is Chairman of the Mayor’s Committee.

In job resources and in educational and training benefits to employees, AMS has proven that a successful corporation can serve not only its clients, but its community as well.