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AMS TrashTag Clean Up Challenge – October 2021!

October 7, 2021

As a B Corporation, AMS Fulfillment is committed to ‘Be Good for the World’ in a number of ways. One of our goals is to be responsive to the needs of the communities in which we live.

Community care includes hiring and training practices that serve the homeless, individuals with disabilities, the justice-involved, at-risk youth, seniors and others for whom finding employment is difficult. AMS does that, and we have been widely recognized by the community for our commitment to hiring and training a diverse workforce.

AMS also serves the community by volunteering. One of our programs is called the ‘Multiplier Program’ where the AMS rewards employees who volunteer in the community by finding additional volunteers or providing financial support or both. In addition to this program, employees recently joined in support of a Green Team volunteer request. Employees volunteered to help remove invasive plants in Lancaster, PA and they walked the shoreline of the Santa Clarita River in Santa Clarita, CA to pick up trash and clean up the environment.

During the month of October there will be another Green Team Volunteer event, and this one is aimed to beautify neighborhoods, parks, and any location that could use a clean-up. It’s called the TrashTag Clean Up Challenge 2021! AMS volunteers will pick up their biodegradable trash bags from the Green Team, and qualify for an end of the month raffle by filling the bag with trash, taking a photo of themselves with it and emailing the photo in.

We appreciate all of the AMS employees who volunteer within the community. Whether in hiring, training, volunteering, or giving, it is our goal to be a company that is good for the community that we live and work in. Thank you AMS Employees for all of the good that you are doing in the community!!!

To participate in the TrashTag Challenge, please email [email protected],

AMS Employees are Good for the World!