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AMS Thanks Muslim Community for Heroes Banquet

October 17, 2017

AMS Fulfillment strives to be a corporation that truly serves the community in which we operate our business. We do this because fully realize that the community serves us with wonderful employees, excellent business partners, good friends, great humanitarian organizations and a prosperous and safe environment.

AMS CEO, Ken Wiseman, is President of the Sheriff’s Foundation and a long-time search and rescue volunteer. For years employees and management of AMS have been very proud to join him in supporting our community’s heroes – First Responders, Search & Rescue, Sheriff’s Station and others who address our safety needs.

AMS would like to give special thanks to an organization that recently supported our First Responders with an inspiring and culturally enriching Heroes Banquet that raised more funds and further benefited the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation and LA County Fire Department Foundation.

The Heroes Banquet was organized by the Human Ummah Foundation (Ummah means Community) of Newhall, California.

AMS CEO, Ken Wiseman, who serves as President of the Sheriff’s Foundation, had this to say about the Heroes Banquet:

“It is greatly rewarding to meet such an impassioned and committed group of individuals seeking to exemplify the meaning of community; a group that shares our commitment to our families, communities, and our country.”

Ken went on to talk about the sincere and respectful manner in which our First Responders were acknowledged, and how it touched him personally. He shared that whatever one’s faith might be, we can gain inspiration from a shared sense of values with the Muslim community, a shared concern for us living as one nation, and an appreciation for a higher power.

AMS Fulfillment stands with our CEO Ken Wiseman, and with the Sheriff’s Foundation in uplifting shared humanity, knowing that Santa Clarita Valley can be an example community where discrimination against Muslims does not take place. AMS employees and management alike are grateful for the HUF mission of peace, brotherhood, and love of family and community, and we thank them for contributing so generously to SCV Heroes!