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AMS’ Ken Wiseman Assists the Fair Chance Hiring Initiative

August 27, 2019

Hiring Initiative - AMS FulfillmentWhen AMS CEO, Ken Wiseman stepped down from his position, and took on the position of Chief Workforce Development Officer for AMS, he was following his longstanding passion to help business have a positive impact on the world.

Announcing the change, Ken said, “My professional time will be more focused on the myriad of employment hiring and training programs we are doing with the County, State and various agencies to continue to provide employment opportunities to those struggling to enter, or re-enter the workforce.”

In January we announced that Ken had been invited to be one of the business leaders making up the Employer Engagement Workgroup created to help carry out the obligations of the Prison to Employment Initiative. The Workgroup began their efforts in January, and the Initiative is now entering a new phase, which is an awareness campaign.

The campaign, called the Fair Chance Hiring Initiative, has been announced by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. It encourages businesses to actively hire members of the justice-involved community, and it offers tax credits, training reimbursement, and other resources to businesses hiring qualified workers who were once incarcerated.

Ken and other leaders are offering expert advice to help construct the campaign. Since AMS has been involved for several years in hiring men and women looking for a second chance after incarceration, the advice that Ken offered came from a great deal of positive experience.

“We have been hiring reentry individuals for several years and can attest to the dedication, reliability and incredible work ethic of our justice-involved employees. Do not be surprised by the level of appreciation and retention you experience from these individuals. A safe, challenging, and respectful work environment is a far cry from the world they have left behind.”

AMS looks forward to the campaign promoting the Fair Chance Hiring Initiative, and we thank Ken Wiseman and other leaders for their part in it.