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Congratulations!! AMS IT Promotion

August 11, 2022

technology integration - AMS FulfillmentAs we continue moving forward through AMS’ growth and the further integration of our East and West teams, we’ve decided to change the structure of the IT teams around to better accommodate AMS’ and our clients’ needs. This includes a shift from an East/West coast structure to one central technology organization. 


Meet Our New VP of Product Management

IT Promotion - AMS Fulfillment

Ken Shaw has been promoted to Vice President of Product Management for WAMS. Ken joined AMS in 2012 and through the years he has been an essential part of the Technology team and the growth at AMS. Ken has continually excelled at being an expert in our systems and keeping up with the constant changes in them, our business, and our clients’ needs. Along the years with AMS he’s helped launch numerous projects including key functionality such as paperless picking, SLU, the Football Pool, and of course WAMS.  

Ken will be leading the Product Management team including all things related to WAMS going forward. This includes all order processing and integration systems such as WAMS, Warehouse Services, InOrder, ProShip, SluPaq, etc. The Product Management team is responsible for identifying new changes/features and working with our internal teams and external clients to create, implement, roll out, and support these features. The Product Management team will also include the imports teams. Questions and requests specific to our order processing systems will be handled by the Product Management team. 

Thank you Ken for your past achievements and congratulations on your new role – VP of Product Management.