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AMS Fulfillment:  Ready and willing to support distribution challenges!

March 27, 2020

Supply Chain Management - AMS FulfillmentThe supply chain is vital to America and to the world as we confront this crisis. Much needed medical supplies must be warehoused, packaged and transported as well as all products essential in keeping the country running. The US Government has indicated its commitment to keep supply chain businesses going, particularly the ones that are experienced at shipping products directly to people’s homes. For now, keeping the channel open is of high priority, as online shopping has helped many Americans avoid the risk of crowds.

AMS is fully operational and ready and willing to support distribution challenges on essential products. We are currently assisting in the preparation and distribution of over 30 million bottles of Hand Sanitizer and are also assisting a client with medical supplies arriving at the Port of Los Angeles that will need to be distributed to 11 area hospitals.

Our employees are in good health, as from the beginning we have been carefully following the CDC protocols including mandating social distancing of 6’ in the warehouses. We are sanitizing common areas and frequently touched surfaces, providing gloves, masks (when available) and sanitization stations, and offering part-time or reduced hours. For employees who need to shelter at home, AMS is doing everything we can to accommodate them and help arrange for financial support through whatever State or Federal programs are available.

AMS CEO, Jay Catlin, recently communicated the following to all AMS employees:

At AMS, we are taking the threat of spread very seriously, and we should all know that we are in this fight together! You’ve probably heard it said that all of us around the globe need to go about our business as if we ourselves are infected. Staying conscious of the situation, exercising caution for yourself and those around you, will help put a stop to the spread. As a society, we must do our part to slow this thing down and give our healthcare system a chance to accommodate those who fall ill. Social distancing is a must, and it’s also mandated! We also ask that you continue to wash your hands, use sanitizers, wear gloves (and masks if available), use tissues when you sneeze or cough (or the inside of your elbow), and absolutely call in sick if you feel at all under the weather! 

This is the course of action that must be taken by fulfillment companies and all essential businesses to protect employees and their families, and as a B-Corporation we are committed to go above and beyond, which we have been and will be doing.

A Business Insider report out of Florida tells us of the unfortunate outbreak of coronavirus at six Amazon facilities, which drives home the point that all essential businesses need to enforce safe practices, mandate social distancing and put employee health first and foremost.

Once again, we invite companies that are having difficulties in distributing essential products to contact us. We’re healthy, and committed to serve during this time of ‘pulling together’.