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AMS Fulfillment Launches Comprehensive Website: Your Success is Inside

April 18, 2021

LOGO - AMS FulfillmentAMS, a national fulfillment company, is launching a new website that brings together its East and West Coast locations. The website is demonstrative of the tremendous work that AMS has undertaken to bring two successful, long-standing fulfillment companies together and operating As One. The new site provides detailed information for potential clients, and tools and news for current clients on both coasts. The website creators, guided by the AMS mission of service to clients, employees and community, have created an inspiring and efficient space that conveys both the business and social integrity of AMS.

Jay Catlin, AMS CEO, explained the planning and purpose of the new website. “For the past year AMS Fulfillment and Echo Data Group have been operating as one AMS family, yet with two public ‘faces’. During this one-year time period we have planned, created and now are launching a website that embraces the clients, employees and communities on both coasts. We have taken our time to build this location into a tool for client success. It is also intended to fully inform prospective clients, introduce new opportunities to employees and uplift and support our local communities. AMS is very proud of and pleased with the work that has been accomplished by our website designers and internal marketing team.”

What makes AMS stand out is the company’s integrity and commitment to all stakeholders and its high standard as a B Corporation. For this reason the website makes the promise… “Your success is Inside.” Our clients know we are committed to their success as we have proven that over many years. They also know we are committed to our employees, to their education and promotion, and to diversity and inclusivity in hiring. They know we serve our communities in many ways, and we are committed to protect the environment through ‘green’ practices. Our website promises success inside, and we plan to keep that commitment.

Come and visit, and enjoy!!!