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AMS Employees Marching for Change

June 9, 2020

On Thursday, June 11th, AMS employees will be taking a walk from their HQ building and nearby warehouses to the Livingston warehouse location. Through the upcoming “March for Change” AMS will express its solidarity with the peaceful demonstrations taking place across America and around the world.

For AMS management, team leaders, and organizers, the march expresses the company culture, which has focused on being an example of diversity in hiring. As a result, the AMS workforce of several hundred individuals is very diverse, and very much concerned with changing systems that unjustly target minority populations.

Through this march, AMS’s Chief Workforce Development Officer, Ken Wiseman, is able to respond to and give voice to AMS employees who are deeply impacted by recent events. Invited guests include individuals in the community that have worked with AMS to create a culture of diversity that the company values highly.

There will be a ‘social distanced’ lunch meeting at the Livingston location. After a few welcome comments from CEO Jay Catlin. speakers will include Jeffrey Forrest, VP Economic and Workforce Development at College of the Canyons, speaking on the need for reform and respect of diversity, and AMS’s Ken Wiseman, whose commitment to a diverse workforce is well-known in the SCV community. Ken will be joined by a few AMS champions.

Employees are encouraged to make signs positively addressing the need for reform and respect for people of color, and for all people. The focus of the AMS response to these heart-wrenching events was articulated a few days ago by CEO, Jay Catlin in a message to all employees:

“For the most part I stay away from talking politics, but with the movement that has been started in this latest example of brutality, I want you all to know that my heart and my thoughts are with the oppressed.  It would be wrong of me to think I have any depth of understanding for what has lit the fire behind the protests, or for that matter the plight of immigrants and the practices our Hispanic population has had to face with respect to law enforcement.  Just know that my eyes and ears are open, and as a B-Corporation, we will continue to be a company that cares for its people and the betterment of our community.”

Special thanks go out to Greg, Marco, Mark, Carmen, Sam, Veronica, and all of the wonderful volunteers giving their time and energy to this event.

The “March for Change” is for employees and invited guests only – it’s simply AMS’ way of saying… “We’re making another commitment to ‘Be Good For the World’.”