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AMS – COC Logistics Apprentice Program Expanding

January 8, 2018

Apprentice Program - AMS FulfillmentThe AMS Fulfillment and College of the Canyons (COC) partnership in bringing a ‘first of its kind’ Nationally Certified Logistics Apprentice Program into existence has reached its first anniversary, and considering what it takes to break new ground, they’ve done a yeoman’s job.

On December 27, AMS, COC and Goodwill Industries representatives held an information session in the AMS classroom center at the headquarter facility, where they reviewed the considerable progress made in overcoming the expected challenges.

What is being developed is a minimum 2200-hour on-the-job training and curriculum program with coursework that will train an entry-level individual for leadership and management in the logistics field. Current students are 800 hours into their apprenticeship, and they are expected to graduate at the end of 2018.

Additionally, with more news to come on this, AMS and COC are announcing the start of a Pre-Apprentice Program. This is a 10-12 week program with job shadowing, on the job training, and coursework. This program will be focused on individuals who are struggling to maintain employment. It will provide the opportunity to learn basic employability skills, and specific skills to enter the logistics field. (Logistics is one of the fastest growing industries in LA County, with 1-7 jobs being related to the logistics field.)

In addition to the training pre-apprentices will receive from AMS, and curriculum from COC, the program will include the availability of other wrap around services and funding to try to overcome many of the obstacles that people face in getting and maintaining employment. This could be single motherhood, homelessness and other circumstances. AMS has been working with resource groups in the community to identify candidates for this program.

The Logistics Apprentice Program began in November of 2016 when AMS and COC made news by establishing the partnership to benefit job-seekers and the Santa Clarita Valley community. Through its longstanding relationship with AMS, the COC pursued a state-approved apprenticeship program offering academic and on-the-job training in Logistics and Warehousing.

AMS Fulfillment is the first company in the Santa Clarita Valley to partner with a community college to create an apprenticeship program. In doing so, AMS is the first company in California to offer an apprenticeship program specializing in warehousing and shipping and the first in the U.S. to apply for a registered apprenticeship with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in the area of warehousing and shipping.

Ken Wiseman, CEO of AMS, expressed the company’s educational goals: “At AMS we are fortunate that we can offer many entry level jobs each year to individuals seeking employment. With this Apprentice program, we have given 20 individuals a chance to take their logistics job, and turn it into a career. That’s a big opportunity, and one that is enabled through the partnership efforts of College of the Canyons, AMS Fulfillment, and County, Federal and State programs that support this initiative.”