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AMS Celebrating 16-Year Anniversary!

June 22, 2018

AMS Fulfillment has been celebrating! June is our 16th birthday and also the 15-16 year employment anniversary of 21 individuals who have been with the company since it began. When AMS first came into being in 2002–2003, the company had 35 employees. For 21 of these friends and associates to still be with AMS is a heart-warming achievement.

The birthday party and 15-16 year employee celebration took place at the home of CEO Ken Wiseman and BettyLou Wiseman, EVP of Client Services. Jay Catlin, President and founder of AMS and David Catlin, Board Chair, were in attendance as well.

Ken welcomed the awardees and Jay followed up with a history of the company. Both recognized the employees for their amazing tenure. With over 385 clients served in AMS’ 16 years, there was time spent in reminiscing about the favorites, accomplishments, and the challenges that AMS faced.

The evening celebration was followed by an AMS afternoon event to recognize additional employees who had been unable to attend. All of AMS’ 15-16 year employees received a certificate and $500 gift card.

A celebratory luncheon was also held at the AMS campus for our 10-14 year employees with 23 associates being honored. Two individuals were marking their 10th year and the rest were celebrating between 11 and 14 years with AMS. Many members of both groups had started in the warehouse and worked their way up to management positions.

Recently Ken spoke about the anniversary celebrations and the employees: “Paradoxically, in the midst of these two celebrations, we had an additional recognition cake and cookies event for two employees moving on to other career opportunities outside of AMS. It speaks to our culture that we would find celebration in both. We do hope to be a place where individuals can grow and be long term contributing associates, yet we also can celebrate when a valued employee chooses another great opportunity. Either way, we hope to have been a wonderful part of their career.”

AMS is understandably proud of its growth and achievements as a company that cares for employees, clients, the environment and the community in which it operates. To have so many employees rising through the ranks and helping build the business still in the employ of AMS is indeed remarkable.

Jay summed it up with these thoughts: “We were very fortunate to have assembled such an amazing crew, right from the company’s inception. The stars were aligned in such a way for AMS Fulfillment, it’s almost as if we were destined for greatness. Our success has been driven from the thoughts, energy and efforts of many valued employees throughout our 16 years, but in looking back I gave thanks to our 15+ year employees for setting the stage for us all.”

Congratulations and Happy 16th Birthday AMS!!!