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A Very Special Story and Holiday Gift for All

December 24, 2020

Holiday image - AMS FulfillmentAt AMS we have some mighty fine employees and when one of our own brings our attention to a special story, we love to re-tell it right here – so here goes!!

The Transportation Billing Coordinator for AMS West in the Finance Department at HQ is a talented and kind-hearted man named Angad Gill. He came to AMS in July of 2019 starting as a temp-to-hire and he was hired officially in January of 2020. In his personal time, Angad works with young musicians from the school districts of Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake.

He connected with students initially through a nonprofit organization called “It’s a New Day” based in Simi Valley. It’s a New Day provided guidance, events, and opportunities for children and teens to explore the arts. Since Angad started with It’s a New Day, they reorganized merged with a larger nonprofit in Simi, but he maintained his connections with the performing arts departments of different schools and many of the artists themselves, and he created his own organization.

Angad’s organization is called Spare Oom Productions. Officially, Spare Oom is for musical enjoyment and learning. Angad said, “As I grow as a producer and as my life progresses it may become a for profit studio with a philanthropic program to foster the arts in young people. Right now I distribute my work through Soundcloud, however in the future I plan on releasing music on Spotify.” His music is free for anyone to listen to.

Every year Angad records and produces a holiday album featuring young artists in his community. The purpose is to broaden their experiences and spread holiday cheer. He said, “This year has been especially tough due to the pandemic, however in spite of these circumstances I’ve been able to record the music remotely with a couple of artists recording in their own homes.”

The performers are all singers; Angad, Cristy, Megan (known professionally as Megan Elyse), and Indi. All of the instruments were played by Angad. The image for this blog is the album cover. The Photo was taken by Angad, and the graphic design was done by Cristy Rodriguez Rivas. Below is a picture of Angad.

Please click the link below and ENJOY!!