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Ken Wiseman Seeking Santa Clarita City Council Appointment

January 10, 2017

On January 6th AMS CEO, Ken Wiseman, submitted his application for appointment to the position of City Councilman for the City of Santa Clarita. This is exciting news for the business community and for AMS. As Wiseman pointed out in his application, for some time he has been a guiding force behind AMS’ commendable hiring practices, which serve the community in significant ways.

In the application, Wiseman said, “AMS Fulfillment’s mission, to balance the needs of our Customers, Organization, Community, and Self, has set an example of how an organization can be an integral part of a community, utilizing our multitude of entry-level positions to help individuals from many parts of our community find entry and reentry into the workforce. We are unique as an organization in that we seek out challenged and motivated individuals, provide employability skills training and mentoring opportunities, and prepare these associates for higher paid jobs. We know full well that we will be preparing them for promotion opportunities, many of which will be outside of AMS. While this may seem foreign as a business strategy, we know that it provides AMS with a reputation in our community that will attract enthusiastic and motivated entry-level personnel who will take the job we offer and turn it into a career. We give people that start.”

The first, and perhaps most important question asked by the Council to all applicants is the reasons why they want to serve. Wiseman’s response revealed his passion for the community and his leadership skills, which are demonstrated by the hiring practices and educational opportunities at AMS that greatly benefit minority communities and individuals who face employment challenges. Wiseman’s passion for service has been an inspiration, providing real-world help to many of the more than 360 individuals who work at AMS.

He told the Council, “I have volunteered in numerous not-for-profit organizations with my longest volunteer role being as a member of the SCV Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team for eleven years. As I reduce the time commitments in my professional career, I see that I will have more time to devote to my community.”

Some of the volunteer positions Wiseman has held include: Chair of the Mayor’s Committee for Employment of Individuals with Disabilities, Six years as president of the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation, 11 years on the Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team, Board member of the SCVEDC and Member of the SCV Homeless Coalition. Wiseman was honored to receive recognition from The Signal as #1 most influential Business Leader in Santa Clarita Valley in 2016 in their listing of “Top 51 Business Leaders.”

One of the achievements of which Wiseman is most proud, is the groundbreaking educational effort AMS is making in alliance with College of the Canyons, in which AMS offers free classes to employees and the community within two dedicated AMS classroom spaces, one being a new 25-person computer lab. These classes are managed and taught by both AMS and the College personnel. Proudly, the course on English as a second language is going into its fourth semester with over thirty participants.

Wiseman concluded his application by saying, “This is my home, this is where I chose to have my business, and this is where I choose to give back to my community.”

We have seen in the past that Wiseman is determined and successful. His appreciation for the recreational areas, trails and natural environment are the concerns of all Santa Clarita residents, as are his concerns for people and families who need opportunities.

If you would like to meet the candidates for appointment to the Santa Clarita City Council, there will be a public forum, featuring the candidates, at the University Center at College of the Canyons, Valencia campus. It takes place on January 12 at 5 p.m.