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Featured Promotion 12/09/22

AMS Employee of the Month Dec 2022

Featured Promotion of the Week
Deborah H., Operations Associate III, Valencia, CA

Hi! My name is Deborah.

I started out as a Temp in 2018 and got hired in 2019. My current job title is General Warehouse III, and I work at the HQ facility. My favorite part about my job is that AMS treats their temp hires better than anywhere I’ve ever worked. I like the different people and all the opportunities for learning new things here.

The characteristics of the person who had an impact on my career demonstrated patience and confidence in me and showed me opportunities that I did not know about.

When I am not at work, I love going out for Sushi and Mexican food. When I’m home I like to sit outside to read, knit and hang out with my cats Zeus and Kahlua.

If I can give advice to AMS employees, it would be that attendance is big, always be on time. Do not be afraid to ask questions or for help. If you’re not busy, pick up in the aisles or breakdown boxes, ask if you can assist in other departments or even other warehouses (it’s a great way to learn!) And make sure you take time for yourself to not get burnout. Let people help you if you need it.