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Featured Promotion 12/08/23

Featured Promotion of the Week
Dallas U., Operations Manager I, New Holland, PA

Hi! I’m Dallas. 


I have been with AMS since November 2020. I started as a temporary associate, and from there I was hired on the team full time as a Lead for one of our clients. I then got promoted to Operations Supervisor, Operations Supervisor II, and currently to Operations Manager I. The team has helped me grow with my time management, punctuality, and communication skills all while challenging me to be a better employee each day.


Some of the challenges I have faced during my time at AMS were complicated client and project launches, like pick to light. Through determination and teamwork, we were able to launch them and work through all the challenges as a company. The best advice I could give someone at AMS would be to remember that adversity builds character. No matter what you are experiencing, always remember there is an opportunity to learn and grow.


When I’m at work, I like to motivate myself with the people around me. My team pushes me to be a better person and leader each day. Two people who have been great inspirations to me in the company are Todd Gilmore and Dave Nergart. Both guys took the time to train me and to answer all (I know there was A LOT) of my questions. These guys have given me examples of what true leaders are and I look forward to continuing to work and grow with them.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun!

Regrettable Fashion Trend

The fashion trend I dislike the most is business casual.


An interesting fact about myself is while in High School we built a motorcycle that ran off filtered and processed used vegetable oil from fast food restaurants as a bio friendly fuel source.

Spirit Animal

My spirit animal would have to be a bear. I don’t like winter, so I wish I could sleep through it, and I am always hungry.

Friends Describe Me As

My friends would describe me by saying I am a determined, dedicated, and helpful.

Thank you, Dallas, for growing with AMS!



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