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Featured Promotion 12/01/23

Featured Promotion of the Week
Lee B., Controller, New Holland, PA

Hi! I’m Lee. 


I have been with this company since July 1985. As Controller, my job entails accounting, which is mainly financial statements, cash management, plus many other administrative tasks.


I have seen many changes over the years, and many people come and go.  Deal with each thing as it happens.


Starting in operations, then moving to accounting and developing a knowledge of the workings of the company. Dealing with new things as they arise has expanded my accounting knowledge and learning how to relate to all types of people.  When we were smaller, I also processed payroll and did HR administration.


I stay motivated by enjoying one day at a time – there’s always something new coming across my desk.

From the EchoData days – Steve Roberts and Chris Nocella.  And, my son Luke, as he continues to advance within the company.

Always be learning!  The more you know, the more valuable you are to the company and to yourself.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun!

Regrettable Fashion Trend

Plaid bell bottoms – I was in high school in the ‘70’s!


I sing and play guitar at my church on a regular basis.  I have been singing in different choirs since I was in fourth grade.

Friends Describe Me As

Calm and consistent.

Thank you, Lee, for growing with AMS!



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