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Featured Promotion 09/08/23

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Featured Promotion of the Week
Alma D., Sr. Account Manager, Valencia, CA

Hi! My name is Alma. 

Role: I have been with the company since March 2014. As the Senior Account Manager, I oversee 15-18 accounts. My job entails troubleshooting, wearing several hats daily to assist me with managing the team, interacting directly with clients, and being the liaison for our clients and a few various departments within AMS. I value the connections I make with all of them.

I work closely with my immediate team, operations managers, and directors to finish open tasks such as work orders, time studies, and billing, as well as weekly calls/meetings with a select client to check account progress. I could go on and on, but at the end of the day, my job is to ensure that everything works smoothly and that all deliverables are made on time and correctly with no exceptions.

Challenges: The toughest hurdle I’ve been able to conquer here at AMS is gaining the trust of my clients and winning the respect of my teammates. I remember my first client meeting like it was yesterday; I had no idea what to say or how to introduce myself. I worked for approximately three years to get the POC of that account to listen to me and follow my direction, but I handled it the way I usually tell my team “Kill them with kindness.” I still work with this client to this day.

Accomplishment: I started as an Operations Supervisor, then moved to Client Service as an Assistant Account Manager, then to Account Manager, and finally to Senior Account Manager. My determination and courage have played a big part in my accomplishments, and I can’t forget receiving the “Employee of the Quarter” award for 2021.

I have pursued a position to develop skills, information, experience, and to embrace everyone’s individual talents and traits.

Inspiration: My top three sources of inspiration are as follows:

Betty-Lou Wiseman has taught me the importance of having a strong backbone, being a go-getter, and being compassionate.

Evelyn and Zuleika, CS Directors, are simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of their journey and success. Working side by side with them over the last six months has been eye-opening for me. The passion and love they have for what they do are just a few attributes I can see growing in myself.

As you can see, I mentioned three outstanding, daring women.

Motivation: My drive and overall happiness come from wanting to perform better and do an amazing job daily.

Most People Don’t Know: Baking is something I enjoy doing. And I’ve never been able to fall in love with flowers; I’m not sure why.

** ** **

Thank you, Alma, for growing with AMS!