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Featured Promotion 06/10/2022

Featured Promotion of the Week
Nephaterie R., Logistics Coordinator, New Castle, DE.

Hi! My name is Nephaterie – everyone calls me Neffy.

I began working in Client Services, Operations, and grew into a Logistics Coordinator. My favorite part about my job is working together with the Team to accomplish goals, always aiming to exceed the Client’s and Management’s expectations.

The person who had an impact on my career is Mike Meath. He is committed, knowledgeable, assiduous, dependable, and motivational.

When I am not at work, I like to travel and enjoy spending quality time with my Nephew (the light in my life). And I like to Cook. I have a Catering Company –  “Aunt Neffy’s Catering LLC.”

If I can give advice to AMS employees, it would be: at work don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a new day to improve yourself. Take it and make the most of it. Life advice is: you do not find a happy life, you make it. Make yourself the best, and destiny will do the rest.