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Featured Promotion 06/30/23

featured employee - AMS Fulfillment

Featured Promotion of the Week
David B., Operations Associate, Valencia, CA

Hello its David,

I am an operations associate at AMS. I pick and ship products for our clients. The best advice I can give someone starting their career at AMS is to have pride in what you are assigned to do. I try to memorize the product so I’m familiar with it. So the buyer get’s exactly what they ordered. Sometimes I get big B2B orders and I handle it with patience, but at a good pace. When I complete big orders in general I feel very accomplished.

My biggest inspirations at work are my co-workers, especially Tony L. who always helps when he can. Working for AMS I’ve learned a lot about shipping, & receiving and I’ve also learned about everything there is to know about a warehouse.

I’m very happy to be with AMS, and look forward to the future. God has blessed me with a good work environment and good coworkers. I give thanks to Jesus Christ for all that I have, because I’m a practicing Catholic. Praise be Jesus & Mary!