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Featured Promotion 05/10/24

Lucy - AMS Fulfillment

Featured Promotion of the Week
Lucy M., Operations Associate II, WIT, Valencia, CA.

Hi! I’m Lucy. 

I am an Operations Associate II at Witherspoon, and I have been with AMS since August 2021.

Accomplishment: My proudest work accomplishment is when I get the opportunity to work and learn about different clients and their products. 

Mentor: My mentor is Vanessa H. She is a very good leader who has taught me so much and given me the opportunity to mess up and correct my mistakes. She is smart and always has the answers and I feel that I still have so much to learn from her.

Goal:  My biggest goal is to advance to a higher position and do better for my leadership team and myself.

Challenge: The project that challenged me a bit was during the holidays when I had to engrave hundreds of personalized cups indefinitely and made mistakes. But overall, I overcame these challenges and ended up learning a lot. I pushed through until I was fully comfortable and confident.

Advice: If I could go back to the start of my career and give myself one piece of advice, it would tell myself to be patient and don’t shy away from new things. Remember, everyone starts somewhere. Even the pros had to learn everything they knew.

Job Switch: If I could switch jobs with anyone at the company for a day, it would be with Jeff D. to learn everything he knows. He has so much control and knowledge. I would love to do what he does and move like he does.

Identity: One misconception I wish people better understood about a specific part of my identity is though I carry myself like I’m older and may know more than I show, I still don’t know many things and I struggle to retain information. I, like most, have so much to learn, and I wish a lot more people had patience.

Mantra: The mantra I live by is “THIS WILL PASS YOU JUST NEED TO GO THROUGH IT.”

Surprising Fact: Surprising fact about me, I love natural medicine, farming, and homesteading.

Passion: I am most passionate about films, animation, and learning about plants.

Family Recipe: My favorite family recipe is tacos a la malinche. I don’t know if other people call it that, but my mom does. It’s hard rolled shell tacos with chicken avocado with sour cream that fills them and topped with fire red spicy sauce cooked with grilled onions.

Hobby: My favorite hobby outside of work is going to the cinema. Garage sales hunting. Food truck hunting.

Deserted: If I were on a deserted island, three items I would bring with me are a bag of prickly fruit, a flair gun, and a gallon of mamey water.

Thank you, Lucy, for growing with AMS!