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When Shoes Hit the News

March 28, 2016

Let’s talk about shoes and shoe fulfillment. Did you know there are sneaker conventions where “sneakerheads” hunt for the new or Shoes-Apparel - AMS Fulfillmentrare shoe? Did you see news coverage of people lining up to buy  – Red October, which was anticipated to rise in price on resale by 400%. Did you know that Drake’s shoes are something to get ‘frenzied’ about? Have you heard that the Air Jordan 10 Retro OVOs are selling for $1,000? Did you know that there was an exhibition at the Museum of New York’s Fashion Institute called Shoe Obsession where ‘awe inspiring’ shoes were spotlighted in showcases?

While the sales of consumer goods may have gone down, footwear sales keep going up. Some analysts believe that buying shoes and apparel actually causes a release of dopamine and feel-good sensations. At AMS we don’t know about the dopamine but we do know that people love to buy shoes. There are sub-cultures where shoes really, really matter. Sneakers really matter to sneakerheads, quality shoes matter to athletes, a closet full of gorgeous designer heels matters to the fashionista, and comfortable slippers matter to just about everyone.

Shoes are important to AMS Fulfillment as well, but for a different reason. One of our most successful core industries is shoes and apparel. We receive these products by the many thousands into our warehouses, orders are routed through us and we pick pack and ship them to all kinds of stores and directly to consumers through online shopping. We’re experts at adhering to rigid retail routing guidelines and we’re the ones who can manage quality inspections of the products. To top it off, we’re very experienced at resetting the inventory when the new trends show up or the season changes. Change comes quickly in this industry so when you see a trend so big that it shows up on the news, know that somebody is warehousing and shipping those shoes and it just might be AMS.

AMS handles fulfillment for many industries, all of them with specific and sometimes unique requirements. Shoe fulfillment and apparel fulfillment do come with unique requirements. Trends and seasonal resets are one of the reasons, as mentioned. We also need to be experts at accurately picking size, style, color, and at checking for any flaws in the product before we pack and ship it. We might be handling thousands of high-end products being delivered to one retail outlet, garments on hangers going to hundreds of different stores, products that need to be stylishly bagged and packed, filling eCommerce orders to thousands of individuals, or shipping huge volumes of items sold on QVC. Complexities are built in to fashion fulfillment and we have to be good at complexities – it comes with the business of fulfillment.

Why has the subject of shoes come up now? It Spring! People are dreaming about what colors are in, and what styles are popular. Boots go to the back of the closet and it’s time for sandals, sundresses and warm-weather wear. Millions of people are most likely browsing their favorite websites right now, thinking of what they’ll buy this spring and summer. Whatever they decide, we’re the shoe fulfillment experts – here to make sure they get their shoes!

AMS is very focused on the nuanced needs of every client. We encourage you to contact us for shoes, apparel, accessories, handbags and all fashion fulfillment.

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