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President AMS West, Betty-Lou Wiseman, needs no Introduction!

January 1, 1970

We’ve welcomed new hires, congratulated promotions, and now the time has come to feature our AMS President, Betty-Lou Wiseman. She truly needs no introduction at AMS or within the community having been a leader, a mentor, an inspiration and a force for good in the community for 16 years. We are delighted to shine a light on one of our favorite people in the AMS family!

Betty-Lou joined AMS in June of 2004 as Executive Vice President of Client Services. Serving today as President of AMS West, she draws from significant experience involving progressive executive positions. Her passion to organize and lead team members in areas facing challenges, brought her over the years into all areas of the business including Client Services, Operations, IT, Sales, HR, and Accounting.

Betty-Lou was promoted to President in May of 2019, after participating in the acquisition of AMS by Fort Point Capital. In 2020 the company faces its greatest challenge as an essential business during a pandemic. Betty-Lou has been instrumental in helping the nearly 400 employees stay safe and helping the clients fulfill their orders. It has been a herculean task and Betty-Lou has handled this challenge as if she was made for the job.

Betty-Lou has served on the Board for the SCV Domestic Violence Center and is an avid supporter of fundraising events supporting the local SCV Sheriff Station, SCV Search & Rescue, Senior Concerns, multiple youth organizations and Single Mothers Outreach. Upholding AMS’ commitment as a B Corporation, with a strong focus on service to the community, Betty-Lou works on the Volunteer Champion Committee and volunteers at an event every month helping to organizing events supporting organizations in the SCV Community. Betty Lou also manages the annual holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) meals and gift program to several community areas and families in need.

Statements of Appreciation

Christina Pai, AMS Chairman of the Board, & Partner, Fort Point Capital:
As President of AMS West, Betty-Lou leverages her deep industry expertise, customer knowledge and high EQ to deliver best in class results and works collaboratively with the rest of our senior management team to ensure they have the guidance and resources necessary to succeed. 2020 was certainly a challenging year and Betty-Lou was critical in ensuring AMS fulfilled all of its promises to its customers, while keeping its employees safe and engaged and working with the team to drive double digit revenue growth!

Chris Nocella, President, AMS EAST:
Betty-Lou is one of the most compassionate and caring leaders I have ever encountered in my business career. Her drive to do well by our staff, our clients and the community at large is unequaled. She is an inspiration and a mentor to so many in our organization

Jay Catlin, CEO:
Betty-Lou Wiseman is a leader within AMS Fulfillment. One of her greatest gifts is the ability to challenge team members that work for her, mentor them and lift them up to be leaders within AMS like herself. Betty-Lou embodies the giving and family-like culture of AMS and cements the amazing Team we have in place.

Daniel Butera, COO:
In an industry that generally has a man at the helm, Betty-Lou is a force to reckoned with, and an industry leader! Her distribution knowledge, soft-voiced management style and customer-focused acumen, have formed her into an inspiring leader within the world of fulfillment. To truly get an understanding of why she was nominated, it is important to focus on the aspects of her life away from AMS. Community minded, with projects and focus well beyond any sort of connection to AMS, Betty-Lou is dedicated to the betterment of the people around her. To have a president that continually focuses of “What does that mean for our people” along with bottom line results is refreshing and inspiring to say the least.

Steven Helmle, VP Business Development:
Betty Lou works tirelessly on behalf of AMS, and is fiercely loyal to our company, our clients and our employees, promoting the values and culture AMS stands for. She is a President that leads by example. She manages the entire client services division, oversees HR and is the liaison between all departments. At the same time, she manages the community projects we participate in, such as donations to various groups like Bridge to Home, Single Mother’s Outreach and the annual holiday family meals and gifts program, to name a few. Demanding excellence and honesty, being tough when she needs to be, Betty Lou teaches, mentors, is compassionate, and when needed, a friend & confidant.

Carmen Kernek, HR Director:
BL has been an influencer, mover and shaker since I began working with AMS in October 2017. The best way I can describe her is by using the words of Kavita Ramdas, “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.”
She embraces this all for me.

Evelyn Ruiz, Director of Client Services:
AMS recently had six promotions in Client Services, and this is a representation of a great leader we have in this department. I have been working under Betty-Lou for over 16 years. She is a great mentor and really knows how to wear her multiple hats as President of a large company and also a friend to her team. This is hard to find in other companies. Her high level of professionalism allows her to manage both areas. Betty-Lou is a role model to many including me.

Michael Gumm, Director of Client Services:
I have had the pleasure of working with Betty-Lou Wiseman for over 10 years. She is a brilliant businesswoman that shines both in and out of the workplace. Betty-Lou has a knack for working with all different types of people and can get along with just about anyone. She has an amazing understanding of the fulfillment industry and is a great leader to all the AMS departments. I think my favorite quality about Betty-Lou is her kindness, she has a huge heart and truly cares about all the people in her life. She deserves this award ten times over!

Zuleika Gonzales, Director of Client Services:
Betty Lou deserves this and more. She’s has not only shown how to be a great leader throughout her AMS career, but her commitment and loyalty to her team is unconditional. She is a great mentor – gives her employees the opportunity to grow and succeed. Something she often reminds us of is that there is always something new to learn, that keeps us going, grounded and humble. She has been key to my professional success, and like me, anyone working with Bet, should feel very fortunate.