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Multichannel Merchant Lists AMS Among Top 50 3PLs for 2020

January 1, 1970

Multichannel Merchant has published its annual MCM Top 3PL listing for 2020 and AMS Fulfillment is, once again, listed among the top 50 providers.

Multichannel Merchant is an informative online industry magazine. They compile a searchable directory every year where they list companies vetted by their editorial team, offering information on their choices of 3PL providers in ecommerce and direct-to-customer operations.

The MCM listing includes information on service offerings and capabilities of the 3PL, merchandise categories handled, the mix of B2B and B2C business and the size and reach of its network locations among other things. By showcasing the top 50 providers in a searchable format every year, the magazine has become a valuable resource for merchants.

3PLs have been growing in importance as ecommerce sales continue to skyrocket and more merchants look to outsource critical operations and fulfillment functions. The issue has become even more acute with the ongoing lack of available warehouse space. The MCM list, compiled by the magazine’s editors, is intended to help merchants during this period of growth and shortage of space, enabling them to see each service provider’s capabilities, ideal client types and contact information.

AMS is proud to be selected by the editors and listed in 2020.

AMS CEO, Jay Catlin, explains how we are unique among the Top 50: “We are extremely adept at both wholesale/business-to-business fulfillment as well as ecommerce/direct-to-consumer. We route product to virtually every large retailer in the U.S. and comply with unique routing requirements. We ship 10,000+ ecommerce orders every day and can handle any pick-pack-ship fulfillment challenge that comes our way. Furthermore, we have become highly adept at warehouse management solutions that capitalize on our ability to fulfill all sales channels from a single inventory.

“Finally, as the consumer public becomes more and more concerned with the environmental impact and ethical behavior of corporations, at AMS we stand among the best for the world as a B Corporation.”

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