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Inclusivity – what does it mean?

DE&I - Inclusivity - AMS Fulfillment

We talk about diversity and most of us understand what that means. We also have a good understanding of equity. But what about inclusion or inclusivity?

A quick search of the Internet provides this definition: “The practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.”

Thought, effort, and sometimes repair must go into providing equal access, i.e. inclusion. AMS is stepping up to give support, consideration and long due respect to Black Americans, a Family that has been denied equity in the past.

AMS is a B Corporation and that means we are committed to helping create a better world for our employees, our community and by extension our country. While individuals within AMS will have political preferences, the corporation itself cannot and does not take a political position. It does, however, take a human rights position.

We have asked ourselves, can our corporation take a stand on issues of US voting rights? We believe that we can, and we should.

AMS stands in favor of democracy that is truly inclusive, and willing to give due respect to voices that have been historically excluded.


We stand in opposition to any laws that, if put into effect, would make it harder for Black people to vote.

We are responding to a call to stand, made by Black Business Leaders, and expressed by Kenneth Chenault, former CEO of American Express, as follows:

“There is no middle ground here. You either are for more people voting, or you want to suppress the vote.”

Read the full article here.

As a B Corporation, and as Business Leaders, AMS stands for inclusivity in voting and in government. We ask State Legislatures, when creating voting laws, to repair past discrimination, make it convenient for every qualified voter to cast a ballot, and make no law that will have the effect of excluding Black voters or other individuals from undeserved communities.



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