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Fulfillment, eCommerce and Cryptocurrency

September 19, 2017

What type of commerce will bring cryptocurrency into the retail marketpace? The obvious answer is eCommerce. And there is money to be spent. Between 2013 and 2017 bitcoin has turned individuals who invested $1000 into millionaires. Bitcoin owners have a lot of purchasing power and online retailers are catching on – people want to spend their cryptocurrency!

Fulfillment services and eCommerce go together, with fulfillment companies like AMS warehousing and fulfilling online orders for a wide variety of clients. Retail stores are seeing the impact of eCommerce and making changes, closing brick and mortar stores and improving the shopping experience online. Even shopping malls are seeing a slowdown of traffic.

With eCommerce rapidly growing, and with increasing numbers of shoppers ready to use cryptocurrency, some of the larger online sellers have stepped up. began taking bitcoin at the start of the year, implemented by an exchange called Coinbase. A number of others launched the bitcoin payment option as well, or are preparing to, including TigerDirect and Shopify. Public pressure is on Amazon and Newegg to follow suit. Early in 2017 a direct bitcoin-only retailer stepped in – Bitcoinstore.

Technology is driving change our way. AMS Fulfillment clearly recognizes that technology means high-speed changes for everyone in the world of commerce, and we see the growing role of product fulfillment in support of these changes.

AMS serves a number of eCommerce clients, directly filling online orders, providing business-to-business order management and eCommerce shopping cart software solutions.

Our Full-Service Model offers our in-house staff as a Front Office to provide high level customer service over the phone and by email. Our AMS Back Office provides in-house accounting systems and trained personnel who manage the basic financial aspects of a client’s business. This includes our multi-client accounting system, establishment of banking relationship, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, statements, collections, factor management and financial reporting.

AMS is thinking ahead when it comes to serving eCommerce clients, and we are interested and excited to watch what appears to be growing acceptance of cryptocurrency in online retail commerce.