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Congratulations !! Client Services Promotions

Employee promotion - AMS FulfillmentMichael Gumm, Director of Client Services 

Michael has been working at AMS for eleven years. He says, “I remember when the company had 3 or 4 accounts and now we’ve grown to over 70 of them.” Outside of growing professionally at the company and refining his fulfillment IQ, he met his wife at AMS, made a best friend at AMS, and testifies that he has grown with AMS in many ways. “I’m honored to start my venture as a Director of Client Services and have adopted some great tools that will help me immensely in my new role. I look forward to the new venture and will prevail! My family and I are looking to buy our first home so it’s a very special time for us. We may even be expanding the clan by one extra member in 2021, God willing! AMS has been great to me and I truly enjoy working with all of the wonderful people that are a part of this amazing team.”

President of AMS, Betty-Lou Wiseman had this to say about Michael:

Mike met my son on the golf course, Justin told him you should apply at AMS, 10 years later he has developed into a true leader in the Client Services department managing a team of 12 employees. Mike is a Director that wears his company and client hat evenly. He is truly a part of the AMS family. 

Employee promotion - AMS FulfillmentZuleika Gonzales, Director of Client Services 

Zuleika has been with AMS since 2002, starting in the warehouse, working in the Shipping Department. Then in 2004 she was recruited by Betty-Lou Wiseman for the Client Services team, to be an Account Manager. There she got her feet wet in business management. Zuleika talks about that time: “I was young and nervous, but eager and determined to learn and succeed.” In 2014 she was promoted to Senior Account Manager, where she took on more responsibility for client accounts.

Zuleika said, “Since then, I’ve been very fortunate, to continue learning and part of the changes that we’ve seen at AMS and in the Fulfillment world. Now as a Client Services Director, I look forward to be able to manage part of this department at a high level, making sure we are successful in all of our efforts. I’ve been fortunate to be mentored by Bet, Jay and Ken, and I will be forever grateful for that, and all the chances they’ve taken on me. I will continue to work and do my best, every single day!”

Betty-Lou Wiseman speaks about Zuleika Gonzales and her promotion:

I have always been a firm believer of hiring within and when I joined AMS, Zuli was in the shipping department. I immediately knew she was someone I wanted in the Client Services Department. Zuli is one of the original hires and has worked her way up to the Directors position and deserves it. She has been an amazing person to mentor and embraces everything she learns. 

Employee promotion - AMS FulfillmentEvelyn Ruiz, Director of Client Services 

Evelyn Ruiz started her AMS journey in 2002 in the Operations department, where she learned returns, shipping, inventory and receiving procedures. In 2004, she had the opportunity to work in client services, in a temporary position. That same year she was able to stay in the department as an assistant account manager. In 2007 Evelyn was promoted to Account manager. She said, “This was a challenging but also a rewarding position. With my Operations background I was able to perform and keep up with the new challenges.” Another promotion came in 2014, when Evelyn became a Senior Account Manager, where she worked with full-service model clients, learning the client’s side of the business.

About her new position, Evelyn says, “It seemed that my previous achievements are now consolidated into this new promotion, Director of Client Services. I am beyond excited about this new chapter here at AMS, working in some exciting new areas, and taking it to the next level.” Regarding her life away from AMS, she said, “I am a mother of two wonderful kids, Sofia (12 years old) and Jose Luis (18 months old).  Married for 19 years to my best friend. I enjoy watching baseball, no hitter or a perfect game are the best. Camping is a family tradition and my favorite holiday is Christmas.”

Betty-Lou Wiseman commented on Evelyn and her history:

Evelyn came into Client Services with an Operational background with AMS, again one of the original hires. She started by doing Client Services for the client she managed on the floor. I knew that she would succeed because she is a goal setter and gives 100% to achieve those goals. She leads her team with confidence. 

Promoted to Sr. Account Managers

Stacy Juarez, Senior Account Manager

Stacy J. joined AMS in 2012, working in Operations. Her previous position has been Account Manger, and now she has now been promoted to Senior Account Manager. About the new position, Stacy said, “I am very excited to take on this new role and I look forward to my career here at AMS. I am ready for the challenges and new tasks I will take on, especially helping my team grow just as I have. I couldn’t have gotten where I am without Zuleika’s guidance and my team always having my back, so I am feeling very fortunate. I will always give my 110%. Thank you again to the executives for believing in me and providing me with such an amazing opportunity. I really have grown here and am extremely thankful.”

Betty-Lou Wiseman speaks about Stacy J:

Stacy J came to the Client Services department through Operations.  She is a gentle soul but is a ball of professional fire when it comes to AMS Client Services.  I had the pleasure working with her when her direct report was on maternity leave and she helped guide the CS team through a rigorous 4th quarter with our two top accounts.

Stacy Carrillo, Senior Account Manager 

Stacy Carrillo learned about AMS when she met Ken Wiseman at College of the Canyons during a panel interview for her business class. She introduced herself, and told Ken that she wanted to work for AMS. Stacy was hired, and describes her experience as follows: “Fast forward 4.5 years later – I’m at the peak of my career (for now). My background is in small business administration and set up’s. I was hired on as an Account Manager overseeing one of our clients’ US/CA office. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date. I was able to learn so much during my initial time with AMS and working side by side with my Senior Account Manager Evelyn Ruiz. With hard work and persistence, I am now given the title of Senior Account Manager. I am excited to get to the drawing board and come up with creative and innovative ideas that will be helpful to our team/department.”

In her spare time, Stacy enjoys spending time with her amazing dynamic duo – her 10 year old son EJ, and partner Minda. They enjoying spending time in Palm Springs, Disneyland, and traveling to Portland!

Betty-Lou Wiseman offered her comments on Stacy’s talents:

Stacy learned about AMS through a function at College of the Canyons. Ken gave her his card and my contact information and she became the most persistent person to join the AMS team. She gives 100% to the AMS Client Services team. 

Alma DeLeon, Senior Account Manager 

Alma began began her career at AMS in 2014 working with Justin Wiseman in the Operations Department, doing pick and pack. After some time, she worked as an Operations Supervisor for a complex client and was able to have direct communication with the client, which opened the door for her to see the other side of the business.

Alma explained, “In 2016 I decided to apply for a position in Client Services, and I was given the opportunity to become one of their Assistant Account Managers. Eager to learn as much as I possibly could, I was soon after promoted to Account Manager. I was working side by side with Mike managing about seven clients, two of them in the Top 5 accounts for AMS. Mike truly helped me grow by trusting me to manage my own workload and taught me much about the WMS and integration types. I feel grateful for being considered and promoted to become a Senior Account Manager. I hope to keep growing professionally and take on bigger projects that will contribute to AMS’ success and growth. On a personal note I have a 10 year old Daughter she is my daily motivation!”

Betty-Lou Wiseman offered her comments on Alma’s leadership ability:

Alma had a strong Operational background with AMS when she joined the Client Services team. She wears her CS/Operational hat equally. Her strong communication skills working with both areas show true leadership. 




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