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AMS’ Caterer Wins Award: Congrats Brenda’s Casamia

October 25, 2018

Brenda's Casamia - AMS FulfillmentA part of doing business is choosing vendors. For a B-Corp, there is an extra consideration when choosing a vendor, and that is… is this business operating in a way that is good for the world. In other words, what does the business do to benefit the community and the environment we all share?

AMS is proud and pleased to have utilized the services of Brenda’s Casamia Restaurant and Catering for a number of years. Our many breakfasts and luncheons served in the AMS Learning Center are always delicious and always enjoyed, and there is something special about the restaurant that is valuable to the community.

Recently the National Association of Counties (NACo) announced the winners for their 2018 Achievement Awards and Brenda’s was a deserving winner. NACo recognized 615 entries from 116 counties and state associations in 29 states. The organization gave the following reason for choosing Brenda’s in the Health category.

“The Ventura County Area Agency on Aging partnered with Brenda’s Casamia Restaurant and Catering to better identify and serve isolated seniors living in the rural, low-income community of Piru, California. The local Mexican restaurant offers strong community ties, culturally appropriate food options in a predominantly Hispanic community, and was willing to provide vendor congregate and home-delivered meal services to eligible Senior Nutrition Program clients.

“Perhaps most important is the positive, uplifting, and high-energy environment provided by the restaurant, adding camaraderie to the benefit of a nutritionally balanced meal that appeals to the population of Piru.”

A B-Corporation is a business that takes on an obligation to the community and the environment in order to demonstrate that business can be both profitable and good for the world. We believe that we serve our clients’ interest in this way as well.

Congratulations Brenda’s Casamia Restaurant and Catering – we love your food!!