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AMS Adds a New Service: All Things Amazon!!

December 6, 2017

Amazon - unsplash - AMS FulfillmentHow often does ‘shopping’ translate into going online and doing an Amazon search? For most people the answer would be… quite often!

AMS knows the world of eCommerce, how it’s growing rapidly, and how Amazon is influencing this growth. Consequently, AMS is now an established provider for a newly opened channel… Seller Fulfilled Prime. But what does that mean to our established clients and to new clients?

For clients that choose to sell through Amazon, there are business decisions to be made on how best to manage fulfillment. AMS is prepared to support whatever direction our clients choose to go. In other words… we know our way through the Amazon jungle! We can manage client inventory by sending bulk orders for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), drop shipping via Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)/Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), and now for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).

Flexibility: We are highly adept at managing the routing and compliance complexities that go along with utilizing a number of sales channels, such as Amazon, traditional wholesale channels, brick and mortar retailers, the clients’ own shopping cart, E-tailers such as Walmart, Kohls, Nordstrom and many more.

Premium Branding: Our clients can now maintain the branding and premium “unboxing” experience that their customers enjoy while utilizing FBA. That means our clients no longer have to avoid this channel due to the brown box packaging and lack of ‘high-end’ package branding. If they choose, premium brands can be sold directly on Amazon, be fulfilled by AMS, and their customer branding and premium unboxing experience will be maintained.

Cost Savings: Businesses that store their goods with AMS can control the high impact storage costs that are associated with FBA, especially when product doesn’t sell in a timely manner. Another cost saving comes from AMS’ highly competitive shipping options, including expedited methods that are often necessary to comply with Seller Fulfilled Prime’s strict requirements. Shipping cost savings can also come from locating goods closer to the end customer, and this is especially important for compliance with Seller Fulfilled Prime’s 2-day delivery guarantee.

Our knowledge of how to utilize the Amazon sales channel is gained from many years of experience. We are now pleased to offer even more flexibility and cost-savings to our clients. For businesses that are opening the door to the Amazon sales channel, AMS is the right partner to make the most out of it!