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B Corp: Fulfillment For Good

AMS Fulfillment is leading the way to “do good” as a business.

December 2017

We are honored to be designated a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) as of December 2017, joining the 8,254 B Corporations across 162 industries in 96 countries meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. (Data as of 1/2024).

Achieving the B Corp designation is the beginning of a journey of continuous improvement, not the destination.

We prioritize collective action and real impact, and it requires that our teams and departments be engaged across the company. We work to ensure that our employees, communities, customers, and the environment are better off. The changes we make have an outsized influence on workers, supply chains, and the broader economy.

As markets change, we must keep up with evolving customer demands to stay competitive and remain innovative for high-quality social and environmental business standards, which leads to our long-term resiliency within our top five impact areas:






B Corp Impact Report

AMS Fulfillment earned an overall score of 102.7. This is an average of 22% higher scoring than the qualification score of 80, country score of 82.7, sector score of 81.3, and size range score of 77.2. (Data as of 1/24)

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Priority SDG Goals

Mission-aligned governance creates legal entities that allow AMS to preserve our mission and consider stakeholders in our decision-making. This commitment creates a structure that is more amenable to building value for all stakeholders over the long term.  

Our workforce development impact area evaluates our company’s provision of quality jobs, financial security, health and safety, wellness, career development, and engagement and satisfaction. In addition, it recognizes our business models designed to hire and benefit workers with barriers to employment.

More tangibly it has led to:

The Community evaluation looks into our engagement with and impact on the communities in which we operate, hire from, and source from. We are recognized for our standing commitment to providing significant portions of company profits, revenue, equity, or time to charitable causes.

We are passionate about our community involvement. As a Social Enterprise, we have programs in place at the federal, state, and local levels that give hope to people who need it most. AMS is a pillar in our community with hiring and advancing individuals with barriers to employment. 
Our Volunteer Committee dedicates monthly fundraisers, raising thousands of dollars each year toward non-profit organizations in our community.

In addition, for over a decade, we have partnered with customers to direct abandoned inventory to those in need within our communities.

Environment is an evaluation of our overall environmental management practices as well as our impact on the air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity. This includes the direct impact of our operations and, when applicable, our supply chain and distribution channels.

AMS has established a Green Team, to monitor and manage operational waste and recycling programs*:

5,750 lbs

of scrap metal

1,482,156 lbs

of cardboard

50,800 lbs

of plastic stretch film

6 tons

of co-mingles plastic bottles and aluminum cans

30,000 lbs

of chipboard

3,000 lbs

of paper

8 pallets

of IT equipment

*Reporting Year 2023

Environmental Innovation Awards

Climate Registered™ Silver Level Award

Demonstrates our companies continued commitment to sustainability and our exceptional leadership in the fight against climate crisis.

Carbon Neutral

A new Environmental, LLC. retired 1,101 Verra Registry Verified Carbon Standard VCU. The VCU was issued in accordance to Verified Carbon Standard protocols.

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