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B Corp Gift Guide: December 2022

B Corporation | AMS FulfillmentEvery year during this season of giving, we look for a B Corp gift guide in order to promote some of the excellent products produced by B Corporations. On the website we see that the theme for this year is “Give Something Greater.”

As we know, “greater” refers to the integrity of the businesses making these products. We can be comfortable purchasing these products, knowing that B Corporations respect the environment by using sustainable materials. We also know that B Corps do not exploit labor but instead provide healthy environments and fair remuneration. With a B Corp we not only are purchasing a beautiful gift, we are giving something greater – respect for life and humanity.

In our list this year we are featuring gifts organized in the following categories:

  • Gifts for less than $25
  • Gifts for your employee teams
  • Gifts for families
  • Gifts for a cozy home
  • Gifts for nature lovers

We are posting a link to the page, a brief description from the website, some info on what the items are and the price range.


8 Small Gifts for Less Than $25

A B Corp Gift Guide of Small Items That Make a Big Impact

“Whether it’s a gift for the folks who touch your everyday life — educators, delivery people, fitness instructors, neighborhood baristas, hair stylists, and others — or a stocking stuffer for a family member, these thoughtful items from Certified B Corporations cost less than $25. Get a few to have on hand for the people who brighten your days throughout the year.”

The gifts include a makeup bag, some delicious-looking coffee, a leather-bound journal, milk chocolate bars, a wellness drink mix, some very cozy crew socks, lip butter and a bamboo cutlery kit. Click HERE to check out these products, all priced at under $25.


14 Gifts for Employee Teams

A B Corp Gift Guide to Show Appreciation for Your Colleagues

“While it’s important to show appreciation for colleagues throughout the year, the holidays are another opportunity to celebrate their contributions to your company’s success and impact. We’ve rounded up some products and services from Certified B Corporations that make great gifts for employee teams.”

The gifts include some very nice water bottles and notebooks, a laptop stand, Ashwagandha Latte Mix, delicious looking chocolate, a book, a workshop, an employee appreciation kit, a daily planner and a few more, with a wide variety of prices from $15 to $290. Click HERE to see this wide variety of products.


10 Thoughtful Gifts for Families

A B Corp Gift Guide with Ideas for Busy Parents and Children (Plus Pets!)

“Find helpful everyday tools and alternatives to plastic toys with these gift ideas for the whole family. Many of the 10 products and services from Certified B Corporations focus on providing quality items and creating quality time for busy and conscientious families.”

Here we find a ‘nature-dyed’ apron, a good-looking sling bag, cute stuffed creatures, pet treats, a snack box, shampoo, a meal subscription, skin crème, a course in learning, a natural dye T-shirt kit, and more, from $15 to $300. Click HERE to check out these innovative products.


14 Gifts for a Cozy Home

A B Corp Gift Guide for At-Home Relaxation and Comfort

“Treat friends and family who prefer time at home to hustle and hubbub with heart-warming items made for relaxation and comfort. The items below can level up the hygge factor at your loved ones’ abodes. These gifts for a cozy home come from Certified B Corporations and are made with the planet we call home in mind too, thanks to materials and practices designed to minimize their impact on the environment.”

We start out with a Gratitude gift bag, a nice-looking espresso maker, a variety of hot chocolate mixes, a body care bundle, a glass water filter pitcher, a sateen sheet set, a holiday gift box, a crew neck shirt, crew socks, a set of mugs and more. These prices range from $7 to $269. Click HERE to check out these products.


15 Gifts for Nature Lovers

A B Corp Gift Guide for Those Who Love the Great Outdoors

“For the outdoor enthusiasts, sustainability devotees, and climate conscious loved ones in your life, we’ve pulled together ideas from 15 Certified B Corporations that care for the planet we all depend upon. As part of B Lab U.S. & Canada’s “Give Something Greater” focus for this year’s B Corp Holiday Gift Guides, these companies, products, and services are selected for their commitment to climate justice and the people who create the items.”

This is a very interesting collection of gifts, beginning with an insulated water bottle, a zero waste gift box, some delicious-looking coffee, comfy slippers, gift the planting of a tree, adult surf and yoga camp, a book, a hoodie, recycled ocean plastic gift set (very pretty) and more. From $3 to plant a tree to $2000 for the yoga camp. Click HERE to check out these unique offerings.




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