Cosmetics & Beauty Products

Our hands-on experience makes AMS a Good Looking choice for Cosmetics and Beauty Products Fulfillment!

AMS Fulfillment Services has assembled, labeled, kitted and fulfilled tens of thousands of Cosmetics and Health & Beauty Product items, following specialized beauty fulfillment procedures in receiving, storage and shipping.

Cosmetics, health products and beauty products require special care throughout the fulfillment process. At AMS we take great care in the assembly to produce items and kits that match the order paperwork and are worthy of their “high end” brand image. We also take special care to make sure that these valuable items are packed in a manner that guarantees they arrive at the end destination in mint condition, with no spills or breakage.

Some years ago AMS installed insulation within its warehouse to help maintain a “cosmetics friendly” temperature and environment for our clients. In addition to facilitating storage of perishable or climate vulnerable goods, the AMS Valencia warehouse includes 200 pallet locations in a climate controlled room.

AMS Fulfillment Services has a long record of top-notch quality control, expertise in dealing with beauty fulfillment issues, and a proven ability to handle a large volume of beauty and cosmetics fulfillment as well as health products fulfillment. Bring on the volume, we can handle it!

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