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AMS is committed to providing Green Fulfillment Services.

Thankfully the concept of GOING GREEN is catching on not just with individuals and families in the U.S., but with industry, business and government worldwide. Along with other industrialized nations, people in the U.S. are realizing that we are a big part of the consumption and pollution problem, and we are also uniquely able to lead the way to solutions.

We have always been a green fulfillment services company, thinking green since the day we opened our doors for business. It began with the recycling of bottles and cans, corrugate materials and plastics, and over time has evolved into a concerted companywide effort to go green wherever possible, from the goods we purchase to the practices we undertake to lessen our ecological footprint and that of our clients.

Some earth-conscious employees of AMS have joined together to form a GREEN TEAM which monitors our business practices within each of our operating warehouses and recommends additional ways in which we can reduce our ecological footprint. Their goal is to make AMS an outstanding industry example of a green company.

Fulfillment companies are in a unique position to make a difference in the global effort to protect our planet’s natural resources. As a large fulfillment entity that stores, packs and ships wholesale goods and marketing materials across the globe, AMS makes a difference by re-using materials, using energy efficient lighting and purchasing post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled materials wherever possible.

We’ve also come to understand that efficiency in warehousing and shipping not only reduces costs for our clients, it lessens the energy needed (carbon emissions) to get our clients’ goods from Point A to Point B! Efficiency in shipping comes from choosing appropriately sized packaging (don’t ship air – don’t waste materials), and consolidation of packages to destination points.

Because of our environmental efforts over the years, and our dedication to employees and the community, AMS Fulfillment was granted B-Corporation certification in 2017. We are quite proud of this valued status and the B-Corp company we keep.

From our CEO and President to our employees who work hard for our clients in the warehouse, the AMS Team keeps the environment in mind each and every day. We know that the more we become a truly green fulfillment services company, the more we repair the damage to the earth and help to create a GREEN FUTURE for all of us!


  • Use Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled products where possible
  • Recycle plastic, corrugate, paper, bottles and cans
  • Re-Use materials where possible – boxes, paper, filler…get another use out of it!
  • Clean with Earth-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable products
  • In purchasing, choose supply vendors who choose to GO GREEN
  • Shop local – reduce transportation
  • Don’t buy what you don’t need – a great way to make a positive impact on the planet and the bottom line!
  • Think digital copy before paper copy
  • Cancel unwanted magazine subscriptions – Get your company name off of Direct Mail lists
  • Use permanent dishes and silverware vs. disposable paper/plastic
  • Avoid water from single use plastic bottles… get a water filtration system
  • Turn off, sleep mode, or unplug electronics when not in use
  • Install energy-efficient lighting – use the sun (skylights) to light the warehouse
  • Maintain your HVAC and insulate your offices
  • Consider installing low-flow toilets and/or waterless urinals in the bathroom
  • Encourage clients to donate or recycle (where possible) unwanted goods – Avoid the dumpster!
  • Be water-efficient (at work and at home) – watering lawns, washing dishes, brushing teeth, leaking fixtures… reduce the use!
  • Encourage employees to THINK GREEN at home – Inspire your kids to THINK GREEN

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