Order Management

At AMS Fulfillment, orders come to us in all shapes and sizes… not a problem!

Fulfillment service companies today must have the flexibility to exchange order and inventory related data in a variety of electronic formats with a multitude of outside companies, and they must do this complex data exchange in a flawless, routine fashion throughout each workday. AMS order management services has the ability to accept orders in almost any format and configuration (including EDI formats), process the orders through our systems, and return updated shipping, transactional and inventory data that is central to each client’s business needs.

The AMS Technology Team works very closely with each client, aiming for a reliably flawless result. The team will establish the most efficient and effective data exchange routine, with AMS either providing our standard import/export specifications, or with AMS mapping data to the client’s preferred specs.

At AMS, we take order management fulfillment services beyond the technical to the intangible, as we work closely with the client every day to manage critical timelines, deadlines and priorities associated with particular customer orders. During the Client Transition Process (CTP), the AMS Team will work with the client to clearly understand the nature and nuances of the orders we are managing, the schedule we need to adhere to for picking up orders, and how to identify special instructions within the order detail and data exchange.

Order ManagementOrder Management

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