Drop Shipping

drop-shippingDrop Ship Fulfillment is becoming more and more popular with the growth of e-commerce sales.

The opportunity to generate sales without taking on the risk and expense of carrying on-hand inventory has fueled a new approach to Internet-driven sales, and AMS has been on board with this evolution every step of the way.

AMS has provided drop ship fulfillment services for many years. Whether outside sellers are marketing products that are warehoused at AMS, or a portion of an online offering is being shipped from another warehouse, AMS understands the challenges and pitfalls, and how best to create a great buying experience for the end consumer.

AMS has established automated drop ship relationships with dozens of major players in the world of e-commerce, as our flexible order management systems are seamlessly able to connect with outside retailers. AMS has also managed multiple, simultaneous programs, where a single inventory is being offered up across various sellers. In situations where one inventory is supporting multiple sales channels at the same time, it helps to have a knowledgeable partner like AMS to ensure inventory is available to all, yet not over-committed!

Another advantage is that AMS Fulfillment is bi-coastal, with fulfillment centers both in Valencia, CA (Los Angeles area) and on the East coast in New Holland, PA and New Castle, DE.

When companies choose AMS for drop ship fulfillment they should expect to run their business at peak performance. At AMS, we understand that when our clients succeed we succeed, and no other Fulfillment Company takes this to heart the way we do!

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