Using Every Trick in the Book to Ensure On-Time Delivery

AMS Wrote the Book on Publishing Fulfillment Services

AMS provides critical support to publishers and their sales reps as they pursue market share. As with any type of fulfillment services, industry-specific requirements must be adhered to, and that’s where our commitment to client success, a professional fulfillment team and experience make the difference. We make it our business to fully understand and implement the requirements of our publishing clients.

AMS has experience in managing B2B and D2C publishing fulfillment, shipping to bookstores and direct to your customers. We understand the nuances of publishing fulfillment, and offer the following book order fulfillment services to our clients in this industry:

  • Inventory storage and tracking
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • E-commerce/database integration
  • Pre-sale, on-demand and standing orders
  • Kitting and assembly of sales kits
  • Speedy shipping and on-time delivery
  • Returns processing and re-labeling
  • Client access to our portal for inventory monitoring, order tracking and real-time reporting

Bookmark AMS for Publishing Inventory and Shipping

We enjoy working with clients in the publishing industry, and we are knowledgeable about client-specific and industry-specific requirements. Our aim is to serve our clients as if we were the fulfillment operations division of their companies, working proactively to improve service levels while controlling or even reducing costs.

Whether your company ships 10 or 10,000 orders per month, you can rely on AMS book fulfillment services to manage your inventory and ship your orders efficiently and cost-effectively. On-time deliveries help ensure customer satisfaction, client retention and business growth. With our expertise and years of experience, why would you choose any other book fulfillment company?

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