Marketing & POP

AMS Fulfillment Puts Our Expertise on Display

Marketing and Point-of-Purchase (POP) Fulfillment

With a long history in marketing materials distribution and our awesome print capabilities, AMS handles complex POP fulfillment and other industry-specific tasks with ease. Our services in POP, print and display fulfillment provide pack-out and distribution of:  

  • Graphics
  • Visual merchandise
  • Point-of-purchase products
  • Sales kits
  • Marketing brochures
  • Personalized kits
  • Complex permanent displays
  • Temporary corrugated displays

AMS utilizes sophisticated database management systems that allow for client web access, sales campaign development, store profiling and other custom features. We have fine-tuned our system to meet even the most challenging marketing demands of our clients.

Fulfillment Experience in the Print Industry

The print industry is among the more complex industries served by AMS, but we handle print fulfillment, point-of-purchase (POP), display and marketing fulfillment services by:

  • Turning data into a manageable product for distribution
  • Building large finished displays from many component parts and loading them with product
  • Handling print distribution campaigns where thousands of retail locations get unique assortments of graphics
  • Working through complex databases of graphic orders and merging duplicate locations into single orders
  • Understanding how to source the right packaging and shipping materials to ensure the graphics arrive intact and undamaged

How AMS Manages Your Marketing and POP Fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment prides itself on our ability to offer the warehousing, kitting and distribution services that ensure your products are delivered on time, in perfect condition and at the lowest cost. As your operations arm, our client team develops the optimal fulfillment solution — including secure inventory and packaging, tracking and reporting — that helps you meet your business goals. And with bi-coastal printing and fulfillment centers, your products spend the least amount of time in transit, allowing you to spend more time being creative while reducing shipping costs.

AMS can manage one-off as well as ongoing promotions and a range of inventories (display goods and racks, posters and headers, sales promos, premiums and incentives, and literature and other collateral). We support various channels, including retail/reseller, wholesale, national chains, secondary distribution and more.

Our clients count on AMS to provide excellent end-to-end supply chain fulfillment to meet their marketing needs. If you’re in the market for a flexible, experienced fulfillment partner, get in touch today!

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