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With a core focus on turnkey retail and eCommerce fulfillment services, AMS processes and refurbishes large volumes of product returns with speed and accuracy!

Returns are an unfortunate but constant reality for many of our clients. At AMS, we help to streamline this negative work through our dedicated Returns Management teams. We employ a great crew, automated systems and client specific processes that help to minimize the costs associated with returns handling, and quickly get inventory back onto the shelf as shippable finished goods (for those items that can be refurbished). Both Efficiency and effectiveness are trademarks of AMS Returns Processing Management Services!

AMS Fulfillment also understands the need to process returns in a timely fashion, whether these be Consumer Returns where customers expect immediate credit on their orders (and undoubtedly will place a Customer Service call if the process take too long), and Retail Returns where clients look to clean up the books before month end.

Consumer Returns: AMS utilizes sophisticated operating software to efficiently manage returns for credit and returns for exchange on behalf of our direct-to-consumer clientele. Our systems are able to be fully integrated with the client’s chosen shopping cart software or customer service module so returns data is immediately available. This in turn reduces the volume and cost associated with customer communications. During the Client Transition Process (CTP), and as an ongoing effort, AMS works closely with each client to properly define and determine the returns process flow and defective return criteria, ensuring that all saleable products are moved from the returns warehouse to finished goods.

Retail Returns: AMS processes large volume retail product returns from the big box retailers to the “mom and pop” shops. The majority of retail returns are received, processed and confirmed back to the client (with an accurate account of all that was returned), generally within 1-3 days from the time they reach our facility. At AMS, we are able to utilize barcode scanners or count by hand if necessary to itemize exactly what has been returned by the customer, and then we send the required returns data to our client in a format that meets their specific accounting needs.

Returns Refurbishment: Product refurbishment can vary greatly by client and product type, and AMS Returns Processing Management Services is adept at following refurbishment guidelines that are established by the client during the CTP. Whether testing is involved, repacking, replacing components, checking for a broken seal, etc. AMS will provide quality “hands on” service. The AMS Returns Management team follows documented guidelines for the actions to be taken with each returned product they encounter on behalf of our clients. This is all a part of AMS having designined customized operating solutions for the clients we serve.

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