Mission & Principles

Our mission of excellence in professional fulfillment services.

Cust_Org_Com-SelfAt AMS, our mission is to provide a seamless transition of information and products from our clients to their customers in a highly professional manner. 

Since opening our doors for business we have worked to create a principled corporate culture, recognizing that financial performance and growth are not goals unto themselves, but merely outcomes achievable through uncompromising attention to our customers, our organization, our community and ourselves.

Because of our long history of upholding this commitment and establishing a record of employee, community and environmental service, AMS has been granted the valued B-Corporation status.

Our Ideological Principles

At AMS each employee goes to work on behalf of our clients, with a firm understanding of our guiding principles and dedication to those principles. We know that our reputation and future success depends upon our People and their willingness to keep these commitments:

Pay attention to detail: We are product fulfillment experts. Our clients depend on our experience, watchful eye, and proactive attention as their partner in operations. Paying attention to detail is key to the success of all of our fulfillment services.

Be responsive: Our clients deserve courteous, prompt and professional attention. We know that our success in the future is an outcome of our client’s success today. Responsiveness is fundamental. In addition to prompt attention, we make it our commitment to respond to changing client needs.

Play by the rules: Agree on a process and follow it emphatically… until, of course, you can improve upon it. Being engaged with our clients gives both AMS and our clients a competitive advantage.

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