Warehouse Management System


At AMS, our core expertise is Warehousing and Fulfillment Operations, and a vital contributor to this expertise is our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

With a robust WMS software package that has remained on the cutting edge of technology advances since 2001, and an in-house IT department that has supported the WMS over the same period of time, AMS Fulfillment has established a tremendous WMS technology backbone to support our core business of fulfillment operations.

At AMS, we utilize InOrder from Morse Data for all of our WMS needs as the system offers exceptional feature functionality, including:

  • RF scanning for picking product, receiving, put-away, inventory movement and shipping
  • License plate technology
  • FIFO inventory management
  • Lot and serial number control
  • Cycle count and physical count functionality
  • Intelligent and flexible pick patterns and processes
  • Flexible order processing methods
  • Advanced end customer notifications for fulfillment activities
  • Tremendous QC safeguards for order accuracy
  • … and so much more!

With decades of warehousing fulfillment experience behind us, our IT Department has faced many challenging elements from incoming businesses, and our remedies have created a plethora of usable features within our WMS.

Sophisticated Inventory Control features are central to the Warehouse Management Systems, ensuring AMS is able to protect and maintain inventory integrity on behalf of our clients. At AMS, we take management of our inventory very seriously, and are thankful that InOrder is on board as a reliable tool for our Operations team to utilize.

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