Trade Show Events, Gift Bags

Trade Show Events, Gift BagsAMS Fulfillment can help shoulder the load for big corporate events… starting with large scale kitting and assembly, and ending with on-time delivery!

AMS has years of experience warehousing and fulfilling trade show booth and live event fixture materials. This experience has made us highly adept at the large-scale kitting and assembly projects required for trade show event fulfillment. Of course there are many other industry specific tasks as well.

Our strength in large scale assembly has led to AMS receiving many projects for trade shows where oftentimes gift bags are produced as handouts for visitors to our clients’ booths. While AMS will assemble 10s if not 100s of thousands of gift bags at great rates, we also are adept at routing these items into trade show events, where strict rules often apply for the inside delivery of product. Due to our experience in trade show and gift bag fulfillment, AMS has been able to fine-tune its system to meet even the most challenging demands of our clients in this industry.

We are efficient in our processes, and this efficiency translates to great savings for customers who choose to have their gift bag and trade show fulfillment needs managed by AMS.


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