Shoes & Apparel

At AMS, come step into our shoes, and you’ll see a serious amount of Fulfillment going on in the Shoe and Apparel Industry!

One of the most successful core industries that AMS Fulfillment serves is shoes and apparel. With a wide variety of clients in this industry and an increasing volume of business over the years, shoe and apparel fulfillment services have become key to our success.

Shoe, apparel and accessory styles are always changing, so for AMS to provide top-notch apparel fulfillment services, we must be very flexible and responsive to change. There are often hundreds, if not thousands of SKUs to manage when style/size/color are included. The AMS systems can accommodate very large numbers of SKUs and our paperwork accommodates a style-driven approach to displaying product orders.

We know how to pick, pack and ship large volumes while adhering to rigid retail routing guidelines, how to manage quality inspections of product, how to provide tagging and bagging, accommodate garment on hanger (GOH) programs and many other specialty services. AMS also manages direct-to-consumer shoe and apparel fulfillment.

Years of experience also allow AMS to manage seasonal reset of inventory and seasonal spikes of order activity with ease, as well as returns of shoes and garments. Apparel and shoe fulfillment services require thorough knowledge of the industry, and AMS has learned what it takes to provide exceptional service to our many clients.

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