Partnership Approach

Partnership ApproachAMS is an Operations Partner, committed to Client Success.

When companies choose to outsource their Fulfillment Operations, they should still expect to run their business at peak performance. Efficient and effective warehouse operations are vital success factors in any business.

Companies that outsource should seek operational partners who appreciate the impact their performance can have towards the client’s financial objectives.

At AMS, we become the client’s partner, digging deep to understand the intricacies of their business, finding ways to reduce our monthly billing, and monitoring operating costs at detailed levels to ensure they are as profitable as can be. We realize that by helping our clients succeed in business, we not only earn their trust and respect, but also help to ensure the business relationship is in place for the long haul.

The process for achieving peak performance begins in the set-up phase with the CTP (Client Transition Process). The CTP is an exercise we undertake with each new AMS client in which we ask a detailed series of questions and define expectations for all applicable service areas and departments. We lay the framework for efficiency during the CTP, offering our senior level operations experience and expertise along the way as business rules are established.

Once the fulfillment program is up and running at AMS, our people serve the client each day as if they were a pro-active member of the client’s internal operations team, continually working to prevent negative occurrences and seeking ways to improve upon existing processes. Additionally, AMS helps our clients monitor the efficiency of operations on an ongoing basis by utilizing our exclusive InSync Operations Analysis™ financial Pro Forma. AMS Fulfillment manages the Pro Forma together with the client, utilizing the financial tool to forecast costs and business activity, and also to reveal possible inefficiencies by operational cost category.

We recognize the importance of operations in business. The success of our clients depends heavily upon our performance as their product fulfillment center. Knowing this, we go to great lengths each day, doing all we can to provide Peak Performance in operations!

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