Operating Facilities

Location, Scalability and access to a terrific Labor Force give our clients Fulfillment Centers with an Advantage!

AMS Operating Facilities for fulfillment services are located in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California, New Holland PA and New Castle DE. From a strategic fulfillment standpoint we believe that our West and East Coast fulfillment centers, located near major ports, population centers and shipping carrier hubs, cannot be beat!

We operate over 800,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in our network, with 30 ft. clear ceiling heights in most of our warehouses. All AMS facilities offer racking, pick-bin and bulk storage with flexibility to configure as required, and in house industrial engineering and maintenance personnel who are highly adept at customizing the ideal environment for each client we service. Within our facilities, AMS provides our core B-2-B and E-commerce pick pack ship fulfillment operations, along with marketing materials/P-O-P assembly and distribution, complex display builds, and other kit builds of varying levels of complexity.

Our fulfillment experience is extensive within a wide variety of industries as we warehouse and fulfill a plethora of branded consumer products. Industries served include footwear, apparel, beauty products, cosmetics, home goods, bedding, industrial supplies and hardware supplies. We’ve also managed shelf stable food (such as Tea, Dog Food, Cereal, etc.), both as ongoing fulfillment programs as well as one-off distributions. To facilitate storage of perishable or climate vulnerable goods, our fulfillment warehouse includes 200 pallet locations in a climate-controlled room.

The AMS Headquarters and Los Angeles fulfillment centers are located in the Valencia Commerce Center Business Park. The Valencia facilities are new, clean, within one mile of a major USPS hub, near the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. Our East Coast facilities are also located near major ports and carrier hubs. AMS has strategic partners throughout North America as well, including in Vancouver, Canada. The key benefit of our multiple facilities is the ability to accommodate growth and scale to fit our clients’ business volume. Space availability is strong and the price is competitive relative to the overall market.

Some may not correlate Labor with Operating Facilities, but at AMS we understand that it is labor and not rent that accounts for the vast majority of operating cost in the fulfillment services business. Our locations are ideal for all levels of labor, including warehouse labor that makes up our cost of goods (COG). This labor is readily available and lower in cost than in many areas of the country.

Our people are the strength of our company, and this includes our warehouse staff that is exceptional in terms of performance, executing on behalf of our clients each and every day. They are hardworking, intelligent and dedicated people, and because we take care of them with competitive wages and benefits they have remained on staff much longer than most would experience in our industry.

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