Kickstarter Fulfillment

AMS enjoys Kickstarter FulfillmentAMS is a great Partner for a Kickstarter!

Working with companies that have conducted a successful start-up fundraising campaign through the Kickstarter website means that the products are new, and the people involved are excited about their venture. AMS has been an excellent resource as well as a well-positioned Kickstarter Fulfillment company for these fun, creative clients.

We recommend that a Kickstarter company begin looking for fulfillment when they start to consider packaging, shipping rates, international shipping and wholesale shipping. This is the point where our expertise at fulfillment consulting comes in. We are a great resource for our clients as they face decisions about assembly, whether or not the product will be delivered to the fulfillment company fully packaged or whether the fulfillment company will do the packaging and so on.

At AMS, our fulfillment and distribution services include order management, all things Amazon, order shipping, pick/pack/ship, wholesale product fulfillment, direct to consumer fulfillment, packaging and complex assembly, marketing materials distribution, inventory management, returns and refurbishment, and logistics services.

And there is more! Our unique Full Service Model is designed for clients who choose to outsource business processes and completely focus on product development and sales. These clients do not need to hire a Back Office staff to administer the business, as AMS has that covered. We have done everything for our clients but design and manufacture their products, which makes us truly full-service, and perfect for Kickstarter fulfillment.

AMS Fulfillment is recognized as among the best for a number of reasons. We are in a prime location, in the Los Angeles area, close to the shipping ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We are able to ship thousands of orders daily, and ship everything at significantly discounted rates due to our size and negotiated rates with top carriers. But perhaps the most significant reason we stand out is our very broad range of clientele.

If your Kickstarter campaign is successful and it’s time for you to choose a Fulfillment Partner, you really don’t need to look any further than AMS Fulfillment.

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