Publishing & Educational Publishing

AMS knows Publishing and Educational Publishing Fulfillment… it’s almost as if we wrote the book on it!

In the educational market, when state adoptions are taking place, AMS has helped publishers with kitting and book fulfillment of sample textbooks and marketing materials to school systems and educational buyers. We provide critical support to the publishers and their sales reps as they pursue market share when states approve new adoptions in various educational subjects. Our experience in this area is extensive, and valuable to our clients.

With any type of fulfillment services there will be industry-specific requirements that must be adhered to, and that’s where commitment to client success, a professional fulfillment team, and experience make the difference. AMS has extensive experience providing publishing fulfillment for book and textbook companies as well as other published goods. We make it our business to fully understand and implement the industry specific requirements of our publishing clients.

We very much enjoy our clients in the publishing industry, and we are adept at client-specific and industry-specific requirements. Our aim is to serve our clients as if we were the fulfillment operations division of their company, working pro-actively, improving service levels and controlling or reducing costs.

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