Packaged Media, DVD/CD & Video Game Software


AMS Fulfillment has serviced the Packaged Media industry since we first opened our doors!

AMS (Advantage Media Services) was literally born to provide Software and DVD fulfillment services and Home Media merchandise. Our very first client, in July of 2002, was a highly successful wholesaler of DVD and CD product. Although we have branched out to serve a wide variety of industries since then, we still serve a number of highly successful companies dealing in Packaged Media, DVD and Gaming Software.

AMS has assembled literally millions of DVD/CD discs, cases and paper parts into sometimes elaborate finished goods, and fulfilled the product to the hundreds of core packaged media retail outlets across the country. Our expertise in DVD fulfillment services and software fulfillment includes complex display assemblies (and planogram product placement), product assembly, returns management and daily product fulfillment. AMS also manages large-scale Video Game promotional launches, in-store graphics and displays, and sample game releases.

We know the world of Media, from the companies that replicate the media to the retailers that sell the media to the customers who buy the media. Because we have shipped to virtually every large media retailer, we understand the complex routing guide requirements of each, including time sensitive releases of new titles.

In addition, we understand the nuances of Returns Management of Packaged Media, including shakers (discs off the hub), running changes to titles and re-packaging requirements when price stickers or alterations at retail require the product to be put back into its original form. You can trust that AMS Fulfillment will take great care of those in this industry who choose to let us manage their operations!


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