Handbags & Accessories

Handbags & Accessories

AMS knows all about high fashion, at least as it pertains to the unique challenges of Accessory and Handbag Fulfillment!

AMS Fulfillment has many years of experience in the warehousing and fulfillment of high-end and designer handbags, purses and other accessory items. We follow specific handbag fulfillment procedures and take great care in the picking and packing process to ensure the appropriate styles and colors match the order paperwork.

Our goal is to make sure our clients and their customers have a completely positive experience. To accomplish this, we take special care in making sure that these valuable and often delicate items are packed in a manner that guarantees they arrive at the end destination in pristine condition.

For Business-to-Business loose item picking of handbags and purses, we understand the important balance of creating efficiency and density in the outgoing carton to reduce the shipping cost per bag, while also looking out for the protection of the bag and the presentation of the delivery.

AMS has managed many hundreds of unique items in the handbags fulfillment category, from small pocketbooks to extra large “diaper bag” size purses. We have shipped to large retailers, boutique retailers, at home businesses and direct to consumer. Years of experience also allow us to efficiently manage seasonal resets of inventory and seasonal spikes of order activity with ease, and returns processing as well!

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