Fulfillment Technology


AMS has chosen the smart path, allowing us to remain on the cutting edge of Fulfillment Technology in order to meet the demands of our diverse client base.

The AMS technology environment offers the stability that comes with having an experienced in-house IT Team. We believe in maintaining a strong internal team, with programmers that understand the complexities of the fulfillment industry. It’s the smart way to provide the best that technology has to offer to our clients without the overhead burden of a gigantic internal programming staff.

The difference at AMS is that we choose best-of-breed Technology Partners for the various software packages that AMS utilizes on behalf of our clients. AMS clients benefit from our 3rd party technology partners who are driven to remain on the cutting edge, continually enhancing and upgrading their software modules.

Our team strategizes client implementations, business intelligence (BI) reporting, routing compliance and data flow integration between systems, and a strong, sophisticated and variable technology labor force that is responsible for customizing, enhancing and improving upon their own software platforms.

The pairing of a great in-house IT team, our highly skilled in-house Maintenance Department, and the best-of-breed technology partners allows AMS to ensure top-notch service to their very diverse client base. Over the years the AMS strategy has proven to be very successful in resolving the many complexities of fulfillment technology.

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