Advantage Media Services (AMS) operates both West and East Coast Fulfillment Centers, optimally located for our clients.

The AMS headquarters and warehouses are located in the Valencia Commerce Center Business Park in Santa Clarita Valley, CA, within one mile of a major USPS hub. The West Coast Facilities are in close proximity to the international shipping ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Our East Coast Facilities are conveniently located in New Holland, PA and New Castle DE, also near major ports, population centers and shipping carrier hubs.

We operate over 800,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in our full network. AMS Facilities offer racking, pick-bin and bulk storage, and with our ability to configure the environment, we are able to deal with varying levels of complexity including our core B-2-B and e-commerce pick pack ship, along with marketing materials/P-O-P assembly and distribution, complex display builds, and other kit builds.

Our facilities are clean and new, with 30 ft. clear ceiling heights in most of our warehouses; outfitted to accommodate the many needs of our diverse client base. Our in-house maintenance team is highly adept at manipulating our racking assets to create an ideal, customized environment that our engineers design based on the data we collect from incoming accounts.

AMS Fulfillment Services has strategic partners throughout North America, including in Vancouver, Canada. The key benefit of our multiple facilities is the ability to accommodate growth and scale to fit our clients’ business volume. Space availability is strong and the price is competitive relative to the overall market.

Come for a tour of our Los Angeles campus fulfillment centers and you will see a common Lean-influence across all buildings, where safety comes first and efficiency is the bottom line!

AMS current facility locations:

AMS – “HQ”: 29010 Commerce Center Drive – Valencia, CA  91355

AMS – Witherspoon: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway – Valencia CA 91355

AMS – Williams: 28936 Ave Williams – Valencia, CA 91355

AMS – Avenue Scott: 27801 Avenue Scott, Valencia CA 91355

AMS – Livingston:  28545 Livingston Ave, Valencia CA 91355

AMS East (PA): 121 North Shirk Road, New Holland PA 17557

AMS East (DE): 15 Boulden Circle, New Castle, DE 19720






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